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Android Based SoS Assistant

Android Based SoS Assistant


The most common Smart phone platforms available today are Android, Windows and IOS. Android, being the only open source platform for mobile devices offers a lot of scope in the field application development. Android is a software platform and operating system for mobile devices developed by Google and the open handset alliance.

The purpose of our Android based application for making rescue calls is to make people feel safe even when they are in an emergency situation. The application can be activated before getting into an emergency situation, say before walking alone to a tunnel. On the press of a button, the device will send an emergency SoS to a friend or the police along with the current position and video to another device.

We develop this application using “Eclipse” IDE (Integrated development environment) which uses the Android SDK (Service development kit). Once the application has been coded it will be tested on an Android virtual device (AVD). This application can be installed on all Mobile Phones supporting Android and can be used during an Emergency.

On launching the app,

 1. It will check if the GPS is enabled, if not it will prompt you to enable it by moving you to the Settings screen.

 2. Once enabled, press back to move back to the app.

 3. In settings tab it will prompt you to enter three numbers.

 4. Once entered and saved, we can use the application

 5. On tap of a button it will send predefined SoS to preset numbers and open the camera in recording mode.

 6. Behind the scene it will send the current location to the three numbers provided.

 7. It will start recording the video for 5 seconds (we can increase the duration).

 8. On finishing, it will upload the video to the server.

 9. For example if a mail client is selected, it will attach the video file to the mail.

 10. It will send the SMS of Video link to view / download.

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