Standalone Applications - Java

Online Tests Security System

Auto-Monitor for Online Tests in Universities


This software is helpful in scenarios where students are made to give online tests. It monitors for illicit system activities such as trying to find the answers in or any other search engine or opening PDF or word file to search answers. It is useful for instructors to monitor online activities of each student to detect cheating.

Our tool has the User interface for administrators which provide details about the student’s who are connected to the network, applications running on the individual student’s machine, and there is options to the add or update the Blacklisted website or view log file. If instructor clicks on the particular student’s machine then he can see each and every activity of student’s machine. Our tool has the refresh option where instructor can refresh and see if someone has entered into the network or if someone has left the network.

If any student visits the Blacklisted website then an immediate popup opens in the instructor’s machine with the student’s name and the Blacklisted website name. Id admin wish they can close it remotely with a click of button. Log file is created for an entire session for the entire student’s network activity and is saved in instructor’s machine. If instructor wants to see each and every network activity of a particular student during the session or end of the session, then he can view the log file during the session or end of the session.

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