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Corporate Chat Engine

Corporate Chat Engine


This Application is used basically for chatting purpose with the remote clients or users on Internet or local networks. Here in this application a java client / server combination is used to chat with remote users. When a Client wants to chat with a user on a remote host, he sends a   request to the Server with a identification name like chat-id, the server responds to the request by identifying the client-id which is already registered in the server domain and when matched his request is granted and the client can begin to chat with the remote users present on the internet or local network.

Here we provide facility to the user for sharing files with security enabled features such as cryptography. So, the files kept on server would be encrypted through DES algorithm and if any intruder hacks the file will not get the accessibility to the original content.


The proposed system has the following features.

  • User management with SHA 1 algorithm encoded passwords.
  • File transmission with DES algorithm implementation.
  • Canvas painting facility for the interactive presentations and idea sharing.
  • Chat Broadcast to all the users for one to many communication.
  • Private chat with single user or multiple users at a time for one to one communication.
  • Offline chat storage and retrieval.
  • Chat history storage as user should be able to save the chatting information if he feels conversation is important.

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