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E-Doc Detective

E-Doc Detective


In this era of technology where everything is accessible over web, search engines have played a vital role in making it possible within blink of eyes. Search engines are being used for our day-to-day activities. Internet has allowed us to share the knowledge and become a world-wide hub of information. We can get information about almost everything over the web. Now any knowledge aspirant can browse the web and can get information or share the knowledge by uploading information. Here the problem arises when somebody uploads any confidential data over the web or the documents which were not supposed to be leaked such as question banks or company contract documents.

This application deals with the mining of URLs of documents uploaded over some well known sites which allow free upload of any documents for sharing. This application would browse these sites as per the keywords and criteria by the user and fetch URLs of all the documents pertaining to particular company. A user can make any number of searches and find any no. of documents on document sharing sites. Document URLs can be of any types such as ms word document or PowerPoint presentation.

To avoid the misuse of the application and URLs authentication is kept for login. Only the valid user would be permitted to make the searches and save the ULs in Database. Invalid user would be restricted with proper alert message.

This application provides interface to search from 3 different sites which are among the major websites available today for document sharing. All 3 sites are interfaced in our application with the options to mention the criteria and fetch filtered results.

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