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Laser Controlled Events

Laser Controlled Events


 With the advancement of technology devices are becoming affordable to general people and people are more attracted towards Artificial Intelligence and new ways to interact with computer devices.  Laser Controlled Events is a java based application that detects the laser point stroke on any flat surface which is divided into 9 segments. Here we can make any flat surface such as wall or book as virtual events and a press of laser light acts as key press on keyboard. Laser Powered Virtual Events uses webcam to monitor the segmentation area, detects if any laser light comes to any segment and then does the equivalent of pressing a specified keyboard key. This software observes the surface using a webcam for the occurrence of a little dot made by laser point. When the dot comes into view somewhere, if it is within a defined hotspot, the suitable command or action is accomplished. Here to interact with media device i.e. camera we use JMF (Java Media Framework).

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