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Dynamic e-TimeTable

Dynamic e-TimeTable


This application deals with the problem of generating time tables for faculties in engineering college.  It’s quite tedious job to manage all the routines of lecturers in paper manually and look for modifications in their schedule. This application would help in automating the process of time table generation for faculties and semesters. Also updating the schedule would be very easy for the admin. This application would hold and manage all the data related to faculties, subjects, semesters, classrooms and sections, labs and session wise week day routines.

Time table scheduling has been in human requirements since they thought of managing time effectively. It is widely used in schools, colleges and other fields of teaching and working like crash courses, couching centers, training programs etc. In early days, time table scheduling was done manually with a single person or some group involved in task of scheduling it with their hands, which take lot of effort and time. While scheduling even the smallest constraints can take a lot of time and the case is even worse when the number of constraints or the amount of data to deal with increases. In such cases perfectly designed time table is reused for whole generation without any changes, proving to be dull in such situations. Other cases that can cause problem is when the number of employers/workers are weak, resulting in rescheduling of time table or they need to fill on empty seats urgently.

Institutions/Schools/Collages/Universities are the regular users of such time tables. They need to schedule their course to meet the need of current duration and facilities that are available to them. However, their schedule should meet the requirement of new course addition and newly enrolled students to fresh batches. This may result in rescheduling the entire time table once again for its entire batches and to be scheduled in shortest possible time before the batches course start.

This application uses multiple algorithms and patterns to achieve efficiency in generating Time-Tables. It is designed entirely on J2EE making use of advanced technologies involved in web based Java.

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