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Event related alert in Workflow Automation, over a LAN in DEBEL


In Workflow Automation, data object (eg., applications) moves hierarchically over the network, from the Initiating Section to the Approving Authority.Workflow Automation is being done in LAN, with the aim of automating the day to day administrative activities, as also to bring in smooth work related coordination.  In such a Workflow Automation, it becomes necessary to track the movement of the data object, to know about the current status of approval of the same and to also provide a feedback to those concerned, regarding any need for action in speeding up the Workflow. This application brings in better coordination, concurrency of tasks and paperless online transactions in DEBEL.For an instance, one particular case can be is handling ‘Requests for Approval’, of certain documents/ forms/ applications etc.  The request will be sent hierarchically over a LAN in DEBEL, along a chain of authorities responsible for the approval of the request. The request is initiated by the any employee in the DEBEL which will be sent to the higher authorities for their response, like ‘approved’, ‘pending’, ‘not approved’ etc. At any point of time, the response to such a request for approval should be sent back to the Initiator (who initiates the request), who can view the response.

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