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JOnline: Online Java IDE

JOnline: An Online Java Code Editor, Debugger and Compiler Tool


JOnline is an online compiler and debugging tool which allows users to compile and run java codes through their browser without installing java in their system. It is a very user friendly J2EE based web application which can be accessed by any type of the systems and browser without worrying about OS platform. JOnline would execute code for us with a click of button. We just need to paste our code on the browser, and JOnline would run it and show the output there itself and even give us a short link to download the file to our system. It would provide the functionality to even share the link so that anyone can paste the URL into chat or email to get help or to show someone how to do something. Or just try things out when we don't have an interpreter handy. Programs created on JOnline by any user get save with their login and can be restored anytime in future. This application has made use of AJAX extensively with J2EE.

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