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This web-application is an integration of the various supply chain processes with the facilities being made to quicken the operational level duties performed by the users of the system. The integration between various operational levels of the company will make each level immensely responsible for the development of the company and will enhance the importance of that level for the company.

Only a responsible system can be a part of a successful wireless supply chain application without which efficient wireless supply chain integration cannot be designed. The consumer is the driving force for the whole system and inspirational aspect for any company’s development.

Basically four categories of user levels will be there for the m-supply chain app – consumer, retailer, manufacturer and administrator. Different level security authentication, definition must be defined by the system administrator. The authenticated consumer must be comfortable with the wireless transaction. Periodical stock positions must be checked by the retailer for latest updation. The stock position for maximum and minimum limits of stock materials is also checked.

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