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Production Forecasting

Production Forecasting


Production Forecasting is intranet-based application that concentrates on the arteries of commercial transactions, which is properly established between the Sales team and the Production Team in conducting the general sales transactions. The application acts as a bridge between the Sales team and the production team to run the general business transactions of the sales in integration of the production and marketing team with the use of the Electronic media. This application helps the commercial people to gain through the accessibility of this business process with a formula of 24 * 7 * 365 day standard.

The Actual purpose is designing the application as the present system is to improve the accessibility for the administrator, Sales manager and production manager in fulfilling their needs, as per the required transactional state. The administrator can reach through his needs at the click of a mouse. The entire system becomes false proof and higher levels of satisfaction prevails at the side of the administrator, as the information related to the products their availability is at the reach of his hands.

This application design helps the administrator to maintain the business transactions to run in smoother way involving the basic transactions between the sales team and production team and their coordination. This application takes care of the all the employee details with respect to their designations and concern departments information. It even involves the maintenance if the inventory details of the products, their model details and the available stock records.

The Production details even involve the maintenance of the supplier’s information with the concerned raw material requirements information to raise the production according the forecast done by the Sales manager.

 The total portal has been planned to be associated through the conceptual constant of the Java technologies, the concept handles the late trends that are set for higher date transfer rates optimized bandwidth utilizations of the network by using the J2EE technologies.

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