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Share Tracker Application

Share Tracker Application


The main objective of this application is to provide user a complete tool where they can keep all the data related to their financial stocks.

This tool should reduce the paper work of user and automate the record keeping work.

This application should be developed after keeping all probabilities of risks in scenario such as security, database crash issues, Server issues, etc. It should provide very strong features related to risk recovery.


 This application will keep details of all the records related to Shares Transactions.

  • Trader could be able to add a transaction, edit it, and delete it at any moment of time. Also if trader modifies a record, all the records should be modified according to the new scenario.
  • This application should automatically calculate the tax and brokerage rates and displays the final amount.
  • Also user should be able to see the Profit & Loss account of any duration at any point of time.
  • User should also be able to see the information on current holding of shares with their purchase price and all also including the taxes and brokerage rates.

 It internet is connect to the system then user can check the current market price on real time.

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