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IT Staffing is a specialized area and what gives us an edge in this area is our knowledge of the changing dynamics of IT staffing. With our extensive network and recruitment procedure we see to it that our clients not only get their IT staffing needs fulfilled but also benefit from long-term solutions. At a time when job-hopping and job-shopping have become nightmares for IT companies, we strive to build long-term relationships between the staffers and employees.

We provide IT staffing solutions to clients with short term requirements as well as clients having long-term vacancies. This includes solutions for projects, contract-based vacancies as well as permanent jobs. 

 Our highly tenured team is able to present short-listed candidates within 24-48 hours for most positions. As an example of our high standards for candidate quality, we maintain retention rates of 98% while offering our best clients 85% fill rates on exclusive opportunities.

The Approach

Irrespective of who our client is, our staffing services are driven by a carefully devised process that takes into account various factors.

Our Services for You:

Extensive screening of candidates.
The shortest possible turnaround time while dealing with a client’s request.
Ability to provide talent in huge numbers.
Optimizing operational costs to provide a cost-effective deal for our clients.
Flexible solutions to suit our clients’ varying needs.

Solutions We Offer

Contract Hires: We provide contract hires in many capacities according to the needs of our clients.
Contract to Permanent: This entails providing a professionals on an agreed amount of time on a contractual basis. Upon the expiry of the contract, the professional is elevated for permanent hiring. This gives a client the ability to scrutinize the employee’s performance without having to hire him/her permanently.
Permanent Staffing: It’s simple. We get you appropriately qualified and experienced professionals to join you on a permanent basis.
Dedicated Staffing: When it comes to major recruitment drives, we provide our clients with a crack team of recruiters, a project manager and required administrative support. Clients benefit from this approach as the dedicated team understands their needs well and provides consistent results over a period of time.

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