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Professional website design and development requires much more than flashy layouts and HTML coding skills. It takes an understanding of sophisticated design principles, incorporating usability studies and cutting-edge web development technologies that help your company deliver its message to both existing and potential customers. A professionally designed website will enhance your online presence by clearly defining your corporate identity.


Web technologies for global business

The team at Xsys Software Technologies strives to create websites that are easy to navigate by both human visitors and by various search engine spiders. The clean slicing and coding we use provides the fastest possible page loads. Our websites are extremely versatile and allow maximum flexibility for updates. The design ingredients we utilize will also ensure that should your website require upgrading, you will not be merely adding material, you will be adding value. 

We provide you with the opportunity to save time and money, and improve the way you interact with clients, suppliers and business partners. Attitude can develop standalone applications or can assist you in increasing the functionality of your existing site.

Below is information on specific types of web based applications which we can assist you in developing.

Web technologies for global business

osCommerce Shopping Cart Setup, Installation, and Customization
Web Site Statistics Software
Personalization of Web Page Content
Dynamic Creation of Images and Graphs
SMS messaging integration
Online Product Database Development
e-Commerce Application Development
Customer Relationship Management
Online Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting
Online Customer Support Software Web Content Management Software
Secure Client Areas
Secure Areas to allow collaboration with Business Partners
Online Quote Software
Online Ordering System
Email Automation, Control and Filtering Software
and more ...

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